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Software Introduction, Part 8

Software Introduction (sort of)

Certain pieces of software are required to process your shots, especially if you shoot in RAW format.  It’s a huge subject so I’m not going to get into software and how I use it, yet.  The discussion on software will probably constitute a lengthy part of this series and it may surprise beginning bird photography hobbyists how much time and effort it can take to get an image to where you want it (if you choose to) and what is involved in the workflow (in this case, my workflow!).  So I think I’ll hold off on my detailed software discussion and move on to preparation for actually going out and capturing bird images in the camera.  If you want to skip directly to my first post processing article from here, just go to Lightroom 3: Hub of my Workflow.  Don’t forget to come back and resume with Part 9, Intro to capturing bird images.

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