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Great Egret Approach

Great Egret Approach

My first post of a shot taken with my new Canon 500mm f4 lens at the Ridgefield NWR today, Aug. 23.  I discovered about a dozen Great Egrets wading around in South Rest Lake.  This bird is approaching for a landing.   Canon 5D Mark III, 1/1250, f4, ISO 2000, Canon 500mm f4L IS II lens.

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4 Responses to “Great Egret Approach”

  1. Bruce McCammon says:

    I’m happy to hear about your new lens. It will take some adjusting to but I look forward to the images you will get with it. The egret foretells many more to come. Congratulations Dennis.

  2. Bravo Dennis pour ces Magnifiques photos
    Félicitations pour ce nouvel objectif ,un outil fantastique 😉
    Amicalement Benoit

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