Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon

Fall Great Horned Owl

Fall Great Horned Owl

I was pleased to spot this Great Horned Owl in the woods at Ridgefield NWR, Nov. 3, 2013.   It was nice it had perched only about 8 feet off the ground.  I hadn’t seen one in months!   The morning was sunny and bright while the afternoon was darker with some showers.  This was taken in the darker part of the day.  5D Mark III, 1/320, f8, ISO 2500, 1000mm.

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4 Responses to “Fall Great Horned Owl”

  1. Marvelous shot! What a beauty! When I was six, my brother rescued 2 baby Great Horn Owls after finding their mother dead. He searched for hours to find the nest. He raised them and taught them how to fly and hunt. It was amazing. I have photos of them somewhere. Fabulous photo Dennis! CW

    • Dennis says:

      Thanks for your nice comment, Christine! You have a nice brother for helping those owls who lost their mother. Wonderful story and would love to see your pictures sometime.

  2. jen says:

    That’s a beauty!

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