Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon

Juvenile American Robin

Juvenile American Robin

A young American Robin perched between the leaves of a berry bush at the Ridgefield NWR, Aug. 4, 2014.   Canon 5D Mark III, 1/1600, f4, ISO 500, 500mm, 8:47 a.m.

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4 Responses to “Juvenile American Robin”

  1. Linda Mooney says:

    Excellent shot. One of the most common birds here in the NorthWest but we forget to take those photos, Never thought of taking Pictures of them till my Grand-daughter was needing a shot of a American Robin. 1000, of prints but none. Working on ALL Northwest birds now.
    And your beautiful photo reminds me…And their babies. LOVE Ridgefield!!!

    • Dennis says:

      Hi Linda, glad you liked the shot and it’s neat that your granddaughter is ‘studying’ birds! Yes, Ridgefield is an amazing place! I appreciate the nice comment.

  2. Christy says:

    WoW! That is so awesome! I currently have four young Cardinals around my home. So fun to see other “youngsters”!:)

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