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The Buck Stopped Here

The Buck Stopped Here

Not all that exciting but I don’t usually see the bucks all that often at the Ridgefield NWR.  In fact, as I drove across the entrance bridge to the refuge this morning at 5:30 a.m. (July 10, 2015), I was greeted by a Black-tailed doe and her two fawns (as if to welcome me!) almost walking on the bridge itself at the refuge side.  I proceeded very slowly toward them as I crossed so not to scare them.  They finally realized they needed to move for me to get by and they went down the bank off the side of the road.  I didn’t have my camera set up so I didn’t get any shots but it was quite dark so a decent image would have been challenging.  Seeing the three deer right in front of me this morning gave me a good feeling that maybe today’s shoot would be a good one.  I was happy to get an open shot of this buck.  By the way, I had to make some noises that a deer would understand to get him to look at me!  🙂


Canon 5D Mark III, 1/1000, f4, ISO 1600, 500mm, 8:04 a.m.

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