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A word about changes to my blog….

Since Oct. of 2010, I’ve posted over 150 blog entries consisting of pictures and narrative describing most of my wildlife photo shoots well into 2014.   Many of these blog posts included up to 35+ photos, taking a huge amount of processing time and effort.  Over the past 3 1/2 years, I’ve come to realize that it would be a better use of my time to be out shooting than spending hours on the computer preparing all these images–many of which were admittedly, technically substandard.  But the shots did fulfill my goal of bringing readers the pictures that best described my photo shoots–regardless of whether they were good or not so good.

The bottom line is that I’ve pretty much stopped posting these blog postings that describe my photo shoots.  These posts started out as weekly posts and then became monthly posts, if I was lucky!  I just couldn’t keep up. I ended up skipping some shoots altogether so that I could keep the posts up with the current season.  The 150+ posts that are already on the Blog will remain there for current and future readers to hopefully enjoy and maybe learn something from.  And, from time to time, I may publish a blog post if I take a series of shots that I think are of exceptional interest.

Instead of doing my blog posts, my goal is to post a decent photo/video every day or two to my galleries.   This way my website is ever-changing and does not sit stagnant for weeks (or longer) at a time.  If you want to be notified of these postings you can subscribe to dennisdavenportphotography.com by email by going to the top of the sidebar of the Blog page.  I’m also on Facebook at Dennis Davenport Photography where I post direct links to each new daily (or semi-daily) photo I post in my gallery.  If you’re not already, I’d love to see you become a fan of my Facebook page.

So instead of posting, say, 20 photos in a blog entry once a month, I’ll be posting a new photo each day or two.  I’m hoping the photos I post will be of better overall quality than some of the shots that appeared in my past Blog postings.  Thanks for your understanding and happy shooting!   Dennis

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