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Apr. 5, 2012 – Thur. – Ridgefield NWR (24 new shots plus a video)

Returning now to share another batch of wildlife shots I took at Ridgefield NWR in SW Washington state, Apr. 5, 2012.  Glad you could take a few minutes to visit The Blog!

Here I’m near post #7 & 8.  Off to the left there is a Canada Goose all by his lonesome.  With some nice greenery and a reflection, I thought it might be worth a shot.  (8:00 a.m.)


I drive through the woods and up to the straightaway just past post #11.  An American Bittern is within 15 feet of my truck so I get some shots out my passenger side window.  He is so close, I’m limited to a head shot.  (8:33)





With the bird’s cooperation, I was also able to shoot some video.  I am no videographer!  It’s tough to keep the lens on the action with a long prime lens and with being so close.  During the video, you’ll notice me trying to refocus at times and also taking a still shot or two.  The bird didn’t care a bit about staying within my depth of field!  🙂


A few minutes after seeing the bittern, I hear a commotion to my left.  A Great Blue Heron was quite upset with a Northern Harrier and went after it in the air.  This was one of those “pick up the camera and shoot quick” situations and the photos leave a lot to be desired.  But hopefully, you can get a feel for what I was witnessing.  The Heron accomplished what it set out to do–the Harrier flew off.  (8:43)




A few minutes later I got a show from some immature Bald Eagles.  (8:54)






Heading down the home stretch toward the Bald Eagle nest, this beauty was drying its wings–a very heavy crop.  It could be the male nesting eagle.  (9:05)


And the nest itself, with mom holding down the fort.  (9:07)

On another loop of the refuge, I stopped to take a shot of the nesting Great Horned Owl.  This was taken about a month prior to the owlets fledging in early May.

Near post #11, a Marsh Wren is adding to the beauty of the refuge.  (9:38)


One of the refuge signs that asks folks to stay in their vehicles during most of the year.  Here a Western Scrub Jay gives the birds in their vehicle an excellent look!  (11:12)


Near post #8, a Wood Duck pair were a distance away but they didn’t fly.  (11:17)


Here’s the mom Great Horned Owl again keeping watch over her nest from across the water, a few hundred feet away.  Look at those talons!  (11:31)


Here’s one of three coyotes I saw today.   (11:41)


Our seemingly-resident, American Kestrel hanging out on the sign near post #13.



And to close, two coyotes hunting the field near post #13.   (11:57)

That’s about it for Apr. 5, 2012!  I did want to mention that I received my grand prize Canon 7D camera last week, for winning the 2011 Your Best Shot Photo Contest sponsored by Adoramapix.com in March of this year.  It’s exciting to have had my eagle picture selected and I plan to take the camera out for a spin this week.  Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Kim says:

    Another wonderful set of photos, Papa! Loved that you threw in a video! 🙂

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