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Feb. 8, 2013 – Ridgefield NWR – 12 Photos

Feb. 8, 2013, at Ridgefield NWR, was a relatively slow day for me but I eked out  a dozen shots to share this time.  Let’s get right to the pictures on this partly cloudy day.


This is “Henry” the Red-tailed Hawk, who hangs out around marker #12.  He’s known for just standing around on the ground waiting for the appropriate prey to walk, slither, or paddle by.    (9:07 a.m.)   ISO 1600


_X5A7845-Edit-Edit20130208RNWR   red-tailed hawk


I was approaching the curve at marker #13 when I noticed this coyote sitting in the middle of the road.  I stopped quite a distance away, took shots, and moved closer.  I was saddened to see that, when the coyote got up to move, it had an injured right-rear leg.  There’s also a spot on the right side of its face that may be an injury, visible in the third shot.  I’m hoping the leg injury heals as this animal could have a rough time hunting with only three working legs.   (9:12)    ISO 2500

_X5A786320130208RNWR   coyote



_X5A786820130208RNWR   coyote



_X5A787320130208RNWR   coyote



_X5A788120130208RNWR   coyote injured


Here’s a Golden-crowned Sparrow that did a ‘look-back’ to check out what I was doing.    (9:30)  ISO 2500

_X5A7897-Edit-Edit20130208RNWR    golden-crowned sparrow


A Red-tailed Hawk in a tree, either hiding prey it just caught or sunning its wings.    (9:44)   ISO 800

_X5A7912-Edit20130208RNWR  red-tailed hawk


Here’s a heavily cropped image (hence, not very good focus) of a light morph Red-tailed Hawk.    (10:02)   ISO 800

_X5A7937-Edit20130208RNWR   light morph red-tailed hawk


And a lone Cackling Goose near marker #11.    (10:17)   ISO 800

_X5A7954-Edit-Edit20130208RNWR  cackling goose


Another Red-tailed Hawk — so plentiful this time of year.    (10:42)    ISO 800

_X5A7963-Edit-Edit20130208RNWR   red-tailed hawk


A wonderful sight –  but not the best photo of a pair of Great Horned Owls.  There was no spot to get a clearer view of them.  My guess is that the bird on the left is the male and the right one is the female who raised a family for the last several years in the woods between markers #9 & 10.  Refuge personnel, a couple months ago, tore down their old nesting snag this year though to force the owls to nest at a location further from the road.  For the sake of the owls, I think it was a good decision.  (10:51)   ISO 800

_X5A7982-Edit20130208RNWR  great horned owl pair



And lastly, a Northern Harrier in flight.    (11:08)    ISO 1000

_X5A8035-Edit20130208RNWR   northern harrier flight


Thanks for dropping by!   Take care and we’ll see you next time!

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