Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon

May 8, 2012 – Tue. – Ridgefield NWR; May 17, 2012 – Mt. Tabor Park

Here’s a real short post on a few shots I got on May 8, 2012, including a video of a Mourning Dove, and a few more shots taken on May 17.

I recall this being a very low-activity day for wildlife at the refuge and I think I only shot about 100 frames–way below my normal of around 500-700.


Let’s get started with a shot of a Common Yellowthroat, tucked away in the cattails.   (6:49 a.m.)

The shots usually look better and more detailed in the larger view.  Please click once on the thumbnails you see below to view the larger versions.

Next I get a fairly decent look at an immature Bald Eagle flying by.  There was a bright white sky at the time so I thought I would insert a more colorful background for the heck of it.  I rarely do this (change out backgrounds) and when I do, I make sure to disclose it.  Here’s the shot.   (6:59)

I drive by the cattail area between posts #3 & 4, and this Mourning Dove lands in a perfect spot for a shot–camera level, decent light, and nice perch.  On top of this he decides to start calling out, so I switched over to video to capure his ‘song.’  Here’s the still shot.   (7:13)

And here’s the video, which I had posted a few weeks ago in my Videos section of the website.  Have a look if you haven’t seen it yet and turn up your volume.



May 17, 2012 at Mt. Tabor Park in Portland, Oregon. 

I decided to give Mt. Tabor a try again since I have seen a nice variety of springtime birds there in the past.  But things were really quiet here, too.   So I have three shots I want to post–two of a bird and one of a critter!

Here are a couple of shots of the Dark-eyed Junco.  Both shots taken with flash since the bird was in fairly dark shade.  I don’t prefer these strong flash shots but I figure it’s better to have a shot with flash than no shot at all.  (2:30 p.m.)



And here he is with a bug in his mouth.   (2:42)

And a squirrel poses for me near the road.  This shot did not use flash.  (3:17)


My next post will include some shots from May 25.  I have a cute video of the two Great Horned Owlets that I’ll post, too.  Until next time, thanks for dropping by!

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4 Responses to “May 8, 2012 – Tue. – Ridgefield NWR; May 17, 2012 – Mt. Tabor Park”

  1. Kim says:

    Another great post! Especially love the mourning dove shot! Beautiful!

  2. Sue says:

    Gorgeous. We have mourning doves who visit our yard. They are the sweetest looking birds. I often hear, coo, coo, coo, coo… sometimes it seems like hours.

    • Dennis says:

      Thanks, Sue! Yes, doves seem to have a calming effect on me and for the most part, they are not too skittish when it comes to photographing them.

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