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My Images for NWRA 2010 Photo Contest

I was excited to learn that the National Wildlife Refuge Association chose all 5 of my 2010 Photo Contest entries to be included in their 2010 Photo Contest Gallery (image library) as semi-finalists.   

Here is the link to the NWRA’s Zenfolio site that hosts these images.  It’s really an honor to be included among images of this caliber from all over the U.S.  http://nwra.zenfolio.com/2010-semi-finalists.  Feel free to browse through all the semi-finalist images.  And check out the winners by clicking back to the Zenfolio Home page.

By typing ‘Davenport’ in the Zenfolio search box, the result will display my 5 photos from 2010 (also shown below), and 4 others from 2009.  It will also hit on my brother Gary’s 5 entries for 2010.  He had some awesome entries this year (check out his Egret shot—what a super reflection!). 

Below are my 5 shots entered in 2010.  [Click on these thumbnails for larger versions]

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4 Responses to “My Images for NWRA 2010 Photo Contest”

  1. jen says:

    Congrats on being a semi-finalist! That heron shot is truly amazing…

  2. Arman says:

    Congratulations! What a nice set of shots! When does the contest start for 2011?

    • Dennis says:

      Arman, I’m not sure when the contest starts but the ending time to get your photos in is usually Sep-Oct. So figure a couple of months before that I guess. Be sure to check the NWRA website during the summer. Thanks for your nice comment!

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