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Sep. 11, 2011- Sun. – Ridgefield NWR (7 new photos)

As we’re approaching the end of our summer projects at home, I made a trip to the Ridgefield NWR on the last day before it closes for a week and a half.  The refuge is closing at the River ‘S’ Unit for maintenance crews to do some work on the auto tour road.  I was expecting that there might be a crowd at the refuge on this last day but it turned out quite nice and not that crowded for a weekend day.

I arrived at the refuge at about 6:45am, expecting the weather to be quite warm later on.  But up until just prior to noon, the breeze felt cool and it was a great day for shooting.

On my first loop around and just past post #5, I spotted a young coyote on the road a hundred feet or so in front of me.  As I drove closer (slowly), the coyote jumped into the brush on the right side of the road.  I pulled up closer to where it left the road, then pulled over to the left and parked.  Soon I see the grass on the right moving and twitching and the coyote emerges back onto the road and crosses over to the field on the left side.  With the camera ready to shoot, I make some ‘coyote noises’ to grab his attention, and the animal stops and looks back at me.  Here’s the shot.

[Click on the thumbnails to see a larger view]

I drive on and see a Great Blue Heron hanging out on a snag in the water on my right.  Note how the morning light is affecting the top left portion of the picture and the head and shoulders of the bird.

Another twenty minutes later and I am approaching post #10.  To the right there is a snag which is about 15-20 feet high and at water’s edge.  On top of the snag was perched a Great Blue Heron in some nice morning light.  I took a lot of frames of this bird and it turns out he was still there on my next loop around.  These are some of the shots.

I continue on to the turn prior to post #12 and see a Savannah Sparrow down low near the ground.

And in the slough to the left is another Great Blue Heron.

I think that makes this ‘Great Blue Heron’ day!  As it approached noon with warmer temperatures, and because I don’t have air conditioning in my truck, I decided to head back home for the day.  Not the most active day I’ve had here but I was pleased with the coyote shot and the heron up high on the snag shot.

Hope to see you next time on The Blog and thanks for visiting!

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4 Responses to “Sep. 11, 2011- Sun. – Ridgefield NWR (7 new photos)”

  1. Shirley says:

    As usual Scott,I truly enjoy your pictures. What a great talent!

  2. jen says:

    Great coyote shot! I am very curious about your “coyote noises” haha!

    • Dennis says:

      Ha! My coyote noises are probably closer to dog noises but it made this coyote stop and look at me….he may not have otherwise! The noise thing works on birds as well!

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