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Website on new server–much faster download times

Hi friends,

Just a short post to let you know that over the last few days my website has been transferred to a new, more updated server.  You should see download times improve dramatically over the old one.  Please let me know through my contact page if you experience any errors or bad pages.  I would appreciate it!

Also, unrelated to the server issue, for those of you who are new here or are unaware, the thumbnails on my Home page (below the slideshow) and in my Galleries are very particular and rarely display the entire image that I have posted.  Some even cut off birds’ heads.  This is a theme issue and I would have to move to a new theme to fix this, which would take a lot more time than I have right now.  So, please excuse some of the silly looking thumbnails that do not display the best part of the images I post.  Please continue to hover over the thumbnails and click either “View Details” or “View Larger Image.”  I’m just hoping visitors don’t judge the images based on any thumbnails!  🙂

Things are busy with the family right now but I hope to get more blog posts up soon.  Thanks very much for being a reader/viewer of my site!

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2 Responses to “Website on new server–much faster download times”

  1. Kim Orth says:

    I definitely see an improvement in image load times! Yay! 🙂

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