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Sticky: Welcome to my Blog! Important Info!

Hello visitors!  I’m glad you are here!  This post covers some of the rules of the site.

Leaving comments – I have to manually approve comments made on the site, so your legitimate comment may not show up right away if it is your first comment.  Once I approve the comment, it will appear, and subsequent comments by you will then appear immediately.

This is a family-oriented site so I do not allow profanity or inappropriate language.  Bird photography doesn’t require the use of profanity, at least in my experience.  If a comment has inappropriate language, I will either disapprove it, or, if it otherwise adds value to the discussiion, I will likely edit out the offending language and then approve it.

SPAM – I am getting quite a few spam messages which I immediately intercept and mark as spam so they never reach the site.  I’m finding that most of these messages compliment the site in a very general way and the author hopes I approve them, so that subsequent messages will then be allowed without my approval.  If you leave a legitimate comment, I will be able to tell that it is just that based on the quality, detail, and sincerity of the post, and possibly I will be able to tell if it is not spam based on who it is from, i.e., I recognize the person’s name.

I welcome all legitimate comments on bird/nature photography and gear related to the hobby/profession.  I encourage comments from visitors and hope you share your knowledge on the site so I, and other visitors, can learn from your experience, and hopefully, join in with the conversation.  Comments can be made on the photos I have posted and on the blog page.

Although my “home base” is the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge, and I speak about it specifically in my blog entries, I welcome folks from out of state and from around the world to visit and take part in my website.  Most of my blog entries, methods, and experiences can happen at any wildlife area in the world, and no matter where you reside, I’d like to hear from you with comments about your experiences taking photos of nature.

There are so many facets of bird/nature photography and there are countless methods that can be used in taking the shot all the way through the post processing phase of the image, not to mention countless tools and software to accomplish the final product: the image.  These are the things I’d like to see discussed here, in a respectful and kind way.

Thanks for visiting and for checking out this sticky!

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