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The ol’ neck stretch

The ol’ neck stretch

Here’s the same owl as shown in the Predator at Rest post from a few days ago.  The bird is pretty much asleep and stretching its neck, I guess to stay limber. 🙂  Taken Nov. 7, 2014, at the Ridgefield NWR.  When I went back to the refuge Nov. 10, the owl was in the same tree but had moved to a branch that made a photo impossible from the road.       Canon 5D Mark III, 1/400, f5.6, ISO 800, 700mm, 3:06 p.m.

Note: On my monitor, this image looks over-sharpened.  The truth is I intentionally added no sharpening to this image in post processing.  Apparently, my web theme adds sharpening to the photos I post and I have not found a way to reduce or turn off the effect.  In some images, including this owl image, this sharpening appears way over done.  If you have a few minutes, please leave a comment and let me know what you think about the appearance of this image on your monitor.

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  1. christy says:

    Adorable! Looks fabulous to me!Amazing detail:)

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