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Black-tailed Deer Fawn Portrait

Black-tailed Deer Fawn Portrait

While driving the 4-mile auto tour at Ridgefield NWR, Sep. 9, 2013, I came across a group of three Black-tailed Deer just off the side of the road–a doe and two fawns.  Initially, the fawns were about 50 feet away, but the more I snapped their pictures, the more curious they got.  They walked to within 15 feet of my lens and this is uncropped except for a little trimming on the sides.  I probably should have stopped down some so the nose would have been in better focus but it was dark overcast and the fawns rarely held still as they walked toward me.  I’m guessing the fawns were about 30 inches high at the back.   Canon 5D Mark III, 1/1250, f4, ISO 1600, Canon 500mm f4L IS II lens.

For a larger view of this image, please go to my Flickr site:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/dsdavenport/9723302763/

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4 Responses to “Black-tailed Deer Fawn Portrait”

  1. Sue says:

    Just stunning. What a thrill. Deer are lovely looking animals.

  2. Bruce McCammon says:

    Great detail Dennis. I am always amazed at the detail in fur or feathers when we get a close look like this. I got to shoot a bull moose in Grand Teton NP recently and was REALLY glad he was not this close.

    • Dennis says:

      Ha! I don’t blame you with that moose! Regarding detail in an image, in my opinion, the #1 thing a person can do to get a sharp/detailed subject is to get close to the subject. The closer, the sharper–everything else being equal (and also taking into account the lens MFD!). This little deer took care of that aspect for me!

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