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Autumn Cormorant

A Double-crested Cormorant profile captured Nov. 15, 2015, at the Ridgefield NWR near marker #10. Canon 5D Mark III, 1/1250, f4, ISO 1250, 500mm, 8:48 a.m. Continue Reading

Posted in The Blog on February 19, 2014

Dec. 26, 2013 – Ridgefield NWR – 12 Im ...

Here’s a batch of shots from my Dec. 26, 2013, excursion to the Ridgefield NWR. Starting off with a Double-crested Cormorant taking a look at me.     5D Mark III, 1/400, f4, ISO 2500, 500mm.   (8:33 a.m.)     I came across a small group of River Otters in the ... Continue Reading

Posted in The Blog on January 19, 2014

Nov. 29, 2013 – Ridgefield NWR – 5 Im ...

Nov. 29, 2013, was one of those cool, cloudy, and dark days that made shooting difficult.  Wildlife activity, for photography purposes anyway, was also ‘slow.’  I think I broke my record for the least number of frames taken in a shooting day–49.   All shots w ... Continue Reading

Posted in The Blog on December 24, 2013

Nov. 20, 2013 – Ridgefield NWR – 17 Im ...

Hello again!  It’s been over 3 weeks since I posted my last blog entry.  Sorry about that–it’s been a busy December at our house.   Today I’m working on images I made at Ridgefield NWR on Nov. 20, 2013.   Let’s get to the pictures on this bright, ... Continue Reading

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“Look into my eye!”

A pair of Double-crested Cormorants have been hanging around at the Ridgefield NWR the last week or two.  Their location makes it tough to get a full shot of them but I did manage to capture a head shot.   Canon 5D Mark III, 1/1000, f4, ISO 1250, 500mm. Continue Reading