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Posted in Articles on March 14, 2012

From Lightroom to Plugins, Part 25

In Part 24, I discussed my process of developing an eagle image in Lightroom3 (LR3).  (If you’re working in LR4 or LR5, the process is still the same but with a few basic adjustment differences).  Since the last Part 24 article, I have upgraded to LR4, so screen prints yo ... Continue Reading

Posted in Articles on February 25, 2012

Lightroom 3 – The Hub of My Workflow, Part 2 ...

[Edit Mar. 9, 2012: A few days ago, Lightroom 4 was released by Adobe.   While version 4 has some new adjustment tools and modules (Map & Book), the overall interface and the order in which tasks get done have not changed.  So even though there are some new options to wor ... Continue Reading