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June 14, 2012 – Thur. – Ridgefield NWR

Greetings!  I went up to the Ridgefield NWR on June 14, 2012, and arrived around 7:15 a.m.  It’s another cloudy spring day but pleasant.  I’m always wary that this can be a favorite time for mosquitoes to come out and attack me.  They seem to like the shady area of the woods the most, so I’m on guard when I drive through the Ash tree forest.  Since I’m shooting mostly from inside the truck, I always have my windows down–and bean bags mounted–to facilitate quick shooting.  This makes me an easy target.

Let’s move on now to the shots I got today (not really “today,” but back on June 14).

First up, I spot the two fledged Great Horned Owls but only one is in a position that offers a photo opportunity.  These photos show something on its right eye that he needs to take a lot of care removing if he uses his talons!   (7:38 a.m.)

[Please click on the thumbnails below to see larger, more detailed images].


Here’s a young duck, possibly a Mallard, posing for me.    (7:41)

Then I come across a mature Bald Eagle flying low and upsetting a bunch of Red-wing Blackbirds.   (8:08 – 8:15)

This is likely the mother eagle heading to the nest with a catch of some kind–it looks like another bird of prey for breakfast.

A shot of the eagle nest from the road (around 400-500 feet).    (8:16)

Near post #4 trots this young coyote on the road.   (8:31)

And, a Red-tailed Hawk checking me out.   (8:40)

Here’s a set of bunny poses!   (8:57)

A cute juvenile Pied-billed Grebe was close to a parent at South Rest Lake.  (10:44)

An awesome Bald Eagle gives me a fly-by.   (11:04)

Another shot of the nest with both eaglets visible.   (11:11)

Heading over the bridge to go home when this Western Scrub Jay poses for me on a post.   (11:28)

I wanted to mention that Canon has released Canon 7D firmware, version 2.0.0, in early August.  Get it at this link.  I tried it on a recent shoot and shooting full size RAW frames, I got a burst maximum of 26, up from around 15, before the buffer filled up.  The firmware has other features, too.  Check out my August 8 blog post called New Canon EOS 7D Firmware Update Released – Version 2.0.0, for more information.  So if you use a 7D, you can upgrade it for free!

That’s it for today!  Thanks for stopping by and see you next time on The Blog!


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