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June 6, 2012 – Wed. – Ridgefield NWR – (15 New Photos & 5 Videos)

I didn’t see anything too exotic or out of the ordinary on today’s shoot but I had some nice light in the early morning hours.  It’s always good to see the young owls are doing well, too.

[Be sure to click once on the thumbnails for a larger, more detailed view of the images].

My first shot is of a Mallard preening in the morning light.  Taken near post #2.  (6:15 a.m.)

Here’s a video of the scene.


A few minutes later, a Red-winged Blackbird poses for me near post #3.   (6:23)

In all the years I have been visiting the Ridgefield NWR, I have not seen as many Killdeer around.  Here’s one out in the partially drained marsh at post #3.   (6:43)

I had to check on the Great Horned Owlets while I was here and they stayed in the same spot all day long.  Although they were not very close, I took a lot of shots and video of them.  (7:00)

One is either bored or tired!

Here, a colorful Wood Duck gives me a photo op.   (7:09)



At post 11, I’m greeted by a Canada Goose and goslings.    (7:16)

I believe this is a Gadwall.  I really liked the colors reflected in the water here.   (7:18)


Just past post #12, I approach a sign with a Wilson’s Snipe perched on it.  Knowing the distant greenery in the background will give me so sweet bokeh, I hope the bird doesn’t fly as I carefully position my truck across the road from the sign.  I’m fortunate to get within about 20 feet of the bird.  Here are a couple shots and a video of the bird calling out.   (7:28)


I stop by the owls again and take some more video.   (8:35)

Continuing on through the Ash tree area, I spot a Great Blue Heron on a tree brach across the water.  This bird appeared to be half asleep.   (9:24)

And a couple more shots of the owlets.   (9:35)

Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you back for a look at my June 14, 2012, photo shoot!

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