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New Canon EOS 7D Firmware Update Released – Version 2.0.0

If you shoot with a Canon EOS 7D camera body, there is a new firmware version (2.0.0) out that adds about a dozen changes from version 1.2.5.  Probably the most major change is the increase in maximum burst in continuous shooting mode.  For full-size RAW images, the increase is from about 15 frames to about 23 frames.  There are also increases for JPEG and for RAW+JPEG modes.  Obviously, your actual number of frames will vary depending on camera settings and what CF card you use.

Some of my other favorite changes are 1) adds an ISO auto-maximum setting; 2) adds an in-camera RAW processing function; 3) adds an auto recording level manual adjustment function for video shooting. Read about all the changes by following the link to version 2.0.0.  Choose the Manuals & Brochures heading to download the new updated 7D User’s Manual which incorporates the new changes.  Note that if you use other Canon programs with your 7D, such as EOS Utility, Zoombrowser EX, or DPP, there are upgrades available that will work with the new 2.0.0 firmware.

As with any firmware upgrade, read and follow the instructions carefully.  The actual upgrade in-camera, once you get the firmware file on a CF card and inserted into the camera, takes only about 5 minutes.  I’ve upgraded the firmware on my camera and plan to do a shoot today (Wed.).  I’ll report back with any issues or problems I run into with the new firmware.  Hopefully, all will go well!


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