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Male Northern Harrier on the Hunt

Male Northern Harrier on the Hunt

I took this image in the first year of this hobby, 2007.  I had my Canon XT and 50-500mm Sigma Bigma.  I was positioned along the auto tour where post #13 is located now.  The bird was flying at a low level from north to south and I shot it from my truck.  The image ended up being selected by the NWRA (National Wildlife Refuge Association) in 2008 for inclusion in its image library.  This was exciting for me as it was the first time an official organization recognized one of my photos.  1/500, f8, 313mm, ISO400, +2/3EV, Canon EOS XT, lens Sigma 50-500mm.  Having the bird’s eye on me was frosting on the cake!

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2 Responses to “Male Northern Harrier on the Hunt”

  1. Arman says:

    Awesome shot, harriers are so hard to get good shots off, always moving and kind of shy, the eye contact is awesome

    • Dennis says:

      Thank you Arman! Glad you liked this shot–it’s one of my own favorites! I recall not having much time to react (which is probably the case with everybody’s BIF’s!). He was just there and I shot away, hoping for the best. The shot gave me a little hope that I might be able to do this hobby if I just keep at it. I’m still “keeping at it” and still have a lot to learn. It sure is fun trying to get shots though!

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